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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ri's April Ideas

Ri’s April ideas:
Hello! I do believe this is my first post

.Start your own cute shrine! A place in your house or room (or locker if you have one) which you dedicate to the gods of cute! My mini cute shrine is  next to my bed, so every morning I can wake up and yes…mentally groan at the fact I’m late for school, but be slightly soothed by the kitsch cubby. It’s an arrangement of teddies (rainbow-bear, my Sanrio Hello Kitty plushie and their friends) as well as framed shots of Innocent world and Angelic Pretty  related stuff, and assorted candy-canes and chocolate coins left over from crimble surrounding my oldy-fashioned clock.

.Head over to Claire’s Accessories loli-ladies, for they’ve recently introduced some new steampunk/steamloli jewelry.
They also still have lots of their Alice in wonderland themed stuff on sale, and plenty of fairy tail themed things as well.

.The weather is supposed to be taking a turn for the worse, possible snow.  Beat those blues and get ready and have your fave tunes at the ready!. My  list at the moment is (in no particular order)
1.Melancholic—Kagamine Rin (vocaloid)—A surprisingly cheery song!
2.Princess Charleston---An upbeat song from Kanon Wakeshima’s new album Shojo jikake no lolitawork libretto which I will be reviewing soon!
3.Akai kasa—Ikimono gakari, nostalgic love and red umbrellas, kawaii!
4.Fruit’s Candy---Even if you aren’t into Japanese language  music, there’s a super cute English fandub version which is very singable and catchy. This song is itself a pick-up and about picking yourself up, with enough sweet references for anyone ^_^
5.Imperfect girl ---t.A.T.u –eh, I don’t really like Tatu’s early over-sexualised image for sure, but their songs have nice meanings behind them. Anyhow, this song is very cute!
6. Utakata Hanabi—I’m in love with Supercell, their combination is a true winner. Meaningful lyrics, the lead singer’s beautiful clear voice, piano and electric instruments make for easy ear candy.

No English stuff, I know! My fave music changes as often as my moods and at the moment I feel like Japanese stuff!

. Sit down with a good book, at the moment I’m reading some of Novala Takemoto’s works. They’re very interesting. (Original writer of kamikaze girls. If you haven’t heard of him, check him out. He’s a very famous writer of loli/otome-related literature) and Kono Oyuki’s Marimite books, which may be appealing to members/fans of the otome culture.

.Teach yourself an interesting new hobby or skill. i.e: applique, crochet,  Russian, copperplate etc. Or join a new group! Meeting new people can be a buzz and a real change of energy in your life.

.Despite the frost, flower’s are out. Seize the season! If your local florist does spring wild flowers like mine get a-hold of some crocuses and snowdrops for flower pressing or crystallising for future use as cake decorations.

.If you’re a make-up wearer, and I am, why not spruce up your spring make-up bag? Porcelain skin is definitely pretty and very loli, but downright pallor? In my opinion not quite. I find that a light coloured blusher for cheeks and colourfull lipgloss can do a lot for washed out winter complexions.

.Set some goals! Maybe it’s just me, but I love doing this. Writing down what you want to achieve and focusing your energy. Whether it’s getting to level 175 of tetris or pulling tight your  purse strings so you can see your best friend again, FINALLY in the summer I think it’s fun and a good idea to get a few things sorted in your head by writing them down on paper.

I think that’s about it! Thanks for reading

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