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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ri's Music Review

Music Review of: Shojo Jikake no Libretto: Lolitawork Libretto

Hello all! I'd had this review knocking around for some time, but I've been pretty busy lately, I'm sorry! This album was released back in July last year, but I didn't find out about it until November (what a nice birthday month surprise that was). I love it very much, and wanted to review it for a while, even though it's probably a bit late to be reviewing this album nearly a whole year later. Also, it's my very first music review and I hope it's ok and comprehensible. Oh well!

Shojo Jikakeno Lolitawork Libretto is Japanese singer/cellist Kanon Wakeshima's 2nd album, following Shinshoku Dolce (English: Sweet Violation) her debut back in 2009.
The title which translates to 'a libretto on the workings of a girl' really fits the overall theme of this new addition to the world of 'loli related music'. Upon listening I felt as if I was being drawn into the fairytale world of a young girl's imagination, just as the album says, as well as being given a chance to peek in and see the workings of her day to day, her love problems, frustrations and the things that bring her happiness throughout. I feel nearly like this album could become a best friend you know? *laughs*

In contrast to the previous album the overall feel is much lighter, though there's still an underlying current of something a little darker, despite the cheerful tune of a lot of the songs the lyrics speak of escaping to a world of your own imagining, of wishing that the real world was more like this place you retreat to and then realising that your ideals leave you nearly feeling trapped. I think that this is something that a lot of girls especially, dare I say it in the lolita community can relate to.
The track Celmisia is reminiscent of Kanon's last album, it sounds more along the lines of Suna no Oshiro and Still doll. But like I said most of the tracks have an upbeat feel. Kanon still graces us with plenty of her lovely cello music, the track Shakespeare no Wasuremono is a full instrumental track with corresponding orgel version, the album's equivalent of Sweet Ticket and Sweet Dreams.
Tracks that stood out for me were first Kajitsu no Keikoku 'Fruit of Warning'. This track had a nice steady beat and a bit of electro in the background to keep the pace. However I found the lyrics just a little chilling! But not in an entirely bad way either.
'A red fruit said that it grants wishes,
A fair trade for those four shackles, And all means of escape will be lost.'
'Lesson 1 Closed in by darkness, lesson 2 to be drowned in tears, lesson 3 Overcome by paradise, last lesson Your entire being will be eaten away.'
Kanon's vocals are particularly stunning in this song and throughout, even though she seems to adopt her more 'cutesy and childish' singing style for the majority of songs on this CD.

The songs MarmaladeSsky and Otome no March are two of these. Both talk about being a young girl, in love for the first time and trying to work up the courage to express your feelings. These two songs were very fun and bouncy coupled with Princess Charleston (think old-fashioned fairground carousel music meets modern pop!) and Twinkle Star which is nearly danceable *gasp* and I think it's fair to say we're seeing a completely different side to Kanon's music. These would be songs I could imagine myself playing during girly sleepovers. The general vibe seems to be light and fluffy, as opposed to the darker tunes from Shinshoku Dolce, and I have to say I really enjoyed listening to this album.
The penultimate track on  the CD is 'Shoujo Jikakeno Libretto: Storytelling by Solita' . Like many, I heard this track first before I listened to the whole album, and loved it! The addition of solita's vocals put what I thought was a lovely little spin on the 'typical Kanon Wakeshima song'. However, this seems to have been the most punchy of the songs on the album, and still...It couldn't really touch Still doll or Suna no Oshiro. None of the songs really did. Much as I loved them, I find myself listening still much more to Shinshoku Dolce for my daily Kanon fix.

In conclusion I really enjoyed listening to this album, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Kanon's last batch of music, though not much particularly stands out from it on its own. Having said that, even in its weaker moments the concept, lovely lyrics, and the artist's beautiful voice never fail to come through. The album is a lighthearted and a sweet follow on to Shinshoku Dolce that does not disappoint, as expected of Ms.Wakeshima and the lovely Mana-sama!

I give this 4/5 stars :]

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