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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Wonders of Headbows

Hello again guys, Chiru here! I just had to figure out how to get the updated version of the place that I'm typing this into right now, what would you call it? A post uploader? I have nuuuuu idea O.o
Anywayz, I recently discovered the awesomeness that is headbows!! And even though I wouldn't call myself a fully fledged lolita yet (I know >_< after 4 years, it's terrible T.T), I'm getting there!
I recently made the headbow for a dark Alice (in Wonderland) cosplay that I'm doing, and I'll definitely be getting some more material and doing the same thing - just on a smaller scale - with it! XD

 This is actually I really huge headbow!! o.o I wanted it to be the main focus of my cosplay so I tried to make it as big as possible. Surprisingly it stands up and doesn't flop. But it's sooooo fun to wear! I can't wait for the dress that I'll be wearing with it to arrive! Once it does I'll take some photographs and write a review of the site I ordered it from; Lolita Show.
I seriously can't believe it's taken me this long to realise how awesome headbows are ^-^

ANYWAYZ!!! To bulk out this article a bit I'll update you guys on a few other things as well...
Shoes firstly. I went to Camden Market on a girly shipping trip with one of my best friends and our mums the other week, and I was trying on some adorable loli boots. Unfortunately, I have HUUUUUUUUUUGE feet >_< I'm a size 8 (British size) which is pretty hard to find shoes for in the first place, but loli shoes T.T baaaaaaaaaad. So this pair of boots came up about a size and a half to small, which had me a bit depressed for a while. I'm going to Camden again on Saturday with another friend, and I'm going to try on some more classic maryjanes and see if they fit. Mostly out of curiosity o.o

Um, what else... hmm, I think I'll leave the rest for another post so I don't run myself out of things to talk about ^-~

x x x x
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