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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loli Hairstyles For Girls With Shoulder Length Hair or Shorter

Hello again!
So, it has recently come to my attention that a lot of girls these days
have shorter hair. "Noooo!" you say, with sarcasm dripping off every
letter. Well, I am one of those girls, that cut her hair, then went and
got interested in Lolita... Ugh. It's a pain, and an annoyance,
especially when the hairstyles you see on most loli's are long
ringlets, and curls, and bunches that reach their chests. But when you
have short hair, all that is rather hard to obtain. Never fear! Check
out these links for inspiration!
You could try out a bob, like the girl in this picture has. It looks
super cute with clip in hair bows, and alice bands.
This one is really short, more a boy-ish kind of hair cut, but with
some teasing, and maybe a mini top hat or small headdress it could work
out to be something really really cute! Not that it isn't cute already!
I would suggest for this one exactly what has been done. If you have
short hair and do dress Ouji-sama (Kodona/Boystyle) short hair is
perfect of course.
I can imagine this going perfectly with a bonnet, so if your hair is
just long enough to curl go for it, I know I would I had a curling iron
or hair straightners!

Now, lets tackle some stuff I have messed around with. please excuse
the anime reference here, but I can hardly think of another way to
describe it other than Misa hair.
See the mini bunches? Well, they work fine with short hair as well.
I've used them on countless occasions and they work even better if you
have layered hair that you can use.
Gather up a small chunk of hair, about the thickness of your fore and
middle fingers put together (side by side), and come/brush it out,
until all the knots are gone. Put it up with a hair band or clip (just
make sure it's out of the way). Then come the hair underneath it until
you either make a small parting under where the bunch is going to go,
or just make it all lie flat. do the same at the sides, until the
surrounding hair is all lying flat and neat. Ever so carefully take out
the bunch, but don't put it down, whatever you do! Come it out again,
then put it up in a plain, thin hair band. Do the same with the other
side, making sure they are level and opposite each other.

You could also try bunches. Get some tiny extra mini hair bands- you
can pic these up in most places like Boots and Superdrug, or the
American/which ever country you are in's equivalent. This only works if
your hair is, I would say, maybe a little above shoulder length, and
cut in a bob. Put your hair up in two little bunches, then with
probably copious amounts of hair spray (I wouldn't know, I never use
hair spray), bend then and shape them so the lay on your head, but
still hold their bunches shape.

Here's another more interesting one!
See the girl on the left? Well, look at how she has the back of her
hair up. I'm guessing her hair is pretty long, and she has put it in
either 2 or 4 small buns on the back over her head, if your hair is
short enough, no need for those buns! If you have a fringe (sorry
girls, this one is really only going to work for girls with fringes (
American translation, fringe=bangs), and some bangs at the sides (yes,
in england, we call bangs the bits that hang down right next to your
fringe) pull them forward, like the girl in the picture has done with
one side of her hair. Get all the hair that hangs down before your
ears, and clip it forward so it doesn't get tangled up with the rest.
Once you've clipped it, get a small come and tease/back comb the back
rest of the hair until it comes up a little hair than the top of your
head if you can. Use some hair spray to keep it in place, then unclip
your bangs. Wear a small alice band (hair bow) to separate the two
sections, and there you have it!
I hope these idea's proved useful to you! I might do another article on
slightly longer hair, but for now we'll stick with this, because for
all you lucky sods that have longer hair there is plenty of inspiration!
x x x x x x x

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