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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a Little Bit of Info on a Little Lolita: Chiruda

Welcome !
We (Chi and Ri) hope you enjoy this blog, documenting our early adventures into the world of Japanese originated loli fashion.
Thank you for reading.

Hello there my fair lolita-ing companions!
Firstly, I would like to point out that I'm pretty new to this... So excuse any mistakes, though my sister will probably point them out to me before any of this gets published anyway. Anyways, on with introductions. As I said, I'm new to lolita as a fashion, I discovered it when I was 11. I was in Camden town (good old Camden town! YAY!) with my friend for her birthday sort of thing. I should point out that I hadn't actually been to Camden before to look around, I had passed through it but only up the main high street. So when we began to delve into the beautiful, amazing, expensive underbelly of winding lanes that is Camden and I spotted all those gothic lolita dresses I nearly had a fit! I then didn't know that these were goth loli style blouses, socks, shoes, JSK's and OP's I was ogling.
So If I remember correctly, and I probably don't because a lot has happened since, the following December (note: I went to Camden in November) my friend Nessa showed me kamikaze girls at her sleepover party. I totally didn't put two and two together about my Camden loli adventure and Kamikaze girls. I then almost forgot about lolita, until I went back to Camden and decided I would try and get my hands on one of these dresses and it would end up in MY wardrobe! I failed... I failed miserably, and I still don't own a single loli item, mainly because I cosplay as well, and I don't have the funds to feed both obsessions, though that should be changing soon as I am determined to put together an outfit! My main kick start into the world of loli again has been my friend and sister (not biological but so close it'd be pointless not to call her my sister) Ritoru-anechan. She has been sending me links and pictures for a few months now, And has succeeded in tempting me back into lolidom. Not that it took much. The styles I like best are ouji/kodona/boystyle and classic lolita. Though when I first found out about it I was attempting a goth, indie-ish look. So naturally I was drawn to gothic and punk loli, though this has now changed to the aforementioned.
As I'm still very new to this I haven't really researched many brands yet. And the only 3 I have seen products from are BTSSB, Innocent world and Bodyline. I know bodyline is off brand and all, but the clothes are good quality (Ri's editor's note: Not always mi querida.) and for someone like me who's a little short in the money department, perfect! I find Baby's clothes a little bright, though that's only going on older designs, the kind Momoko wears in Kamikaze girls. I love innocent World's more muted tones and slightly more simplistic designs.
Lolita lifestyle; I love the idea, I find it romantic and elegant and....almost perfect. I would totally plunge right in at the deep end like the stereotypical newbie I am, but there is one thing holding me back. Some blogs and sites say (and I think these ones are a bit extreme) that you must be perfectly polite and your manners must be A* level. This I find very hard, I get angry easily, and find It very hard to be polite, that and being a total spazz (Yes, I've walked into my fair share of tables, lamposts, walls and not to mention people) I much prefer the more relaxed suggestions of lifestyle loli. Where you pick up a loli-able hobby, wear the clothes but don't have to change your (my) personality. I already sew and bake and draw, so perhaps in a sense, I am already a lifestyler? I have no idea, but I enjoy it, so I'm going to say 'Sayonara' for now and go write some more blog articles!

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